Annual Membership, which runs from November 1 until October 31 the following year, is $15.00 per Individual Membership or $25.00 per Family Membership for 2015. Club Membership dues payable to NSAGC account for $4.00 per person with Membership status.

This covers the cost of monthly meetings including honorariums for guest speakers and light refreshments during the social time at the end of the meeting.

Life Memberships are awarded to original or long-standing members of the Club who have made an outstanding contribution over the years.

Joining the Club

Guests and Visitors are welcome, but naturally, we encourage guests and visitors to consider joining the club.

Membership Benefits include --

(a) the Members' Handbook - limited to 1 Handbook per Individual Membership or per Family Membership

(b) NSAGC Membership and NSAGC Newsletters

(c) NSAGC Membership Card which guarantees discounts on purchases made at participating garden centres and nurseries in Nova Scotia - to each and every person with Membership status.

(d) the opportunity to participate in Transplant, Perennial and Houseplant exchanges

(e) the opportunity to purchase gardening materials which may, from time to time, be available at preferential prices as a result of bulk purchases made by the club

(f) meeting people and making friends with fellow gardeners

About Our Members

From our membership cards, we have learned some interesting information. For example, 80% of our members have been gardening for over 10 years. Whether this is in their own gardens or as children we do not know. Although only five members have some type of horticultural training, we do have 24 members who are happy to be approached for advice on some aspects of gardening. We have only two members who have been gardening for fewer than 5 years.

At least sixty five of our members joined Valley Gardeners more than five years ago and 17 have been members for over twenty years.

There are about equal numbers of gardens or properties described as either rural or town and we have three members who do not have gardens.

The card does not ask questions about the size of our gardens or properties but we know from demographics and the age of our members (we didn’t ask that either!) that there will probably not be very many starting large new gardens.

Pot Plant and Container Gardening and Houseplants are apparently an expanding market as is the demand for shrubs, and 31 of our members gave Houseplants and Herbs as their focus in gardening.