Preparing for the Plant Sale

It will soon be time to prepare for that harbinger of a new gardening season, the annual Valley Gardeners Plant Sale.  This year the Plant Sale will be once again held at the New Minas Fire Hall. The Club will soon be looking to sign up volunteers to help.

Technique for preparing plants for the Sale

As soon as the mature plants can be lifted, Club Members will be trimming, wrapping and labeling hundreds of divisions from a wide variety of hardy plants ready for the May 10 event.

The technique used ensures that the plants will stay strong and healthy for about three weeks if kept outdoors in the shade and out of the wind. Labeling advises on flower colour, height and sun and shade preferences.

There will also be transplants potted up and ready to be hardened off, and annuals and vegetables and herbs. Then there are the widely sought-after specialty plants and shrubs, not to forget the house plants.

All in all somewhere around 2000 plants will be offered for sale at this Valley Gardeners annual fund-raising event.

Veteran gardener and long time Club Member Shirley Marston is demonstrating the techniques of preparing perennial plants for sale -- armed with gardening tools, wet newspaper, plastic bags and label

The Club depends on the support of the community for its Plant Sale to generate the funds with which it carries out its Philanthropic Projects.

-- Plants in pots or wrapped
-- Wrapped -- soil free -- wrap in wet newspaper
-- Then wrap in plastic
-- Tape to secure
-- Label with Name, Height, Colour and Sun/Shade preference

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