NOTE - Change in Location.

Effective September 2011, Valley Gardeners will hold their regular Monthly Meetings at NSCC Kingstec, 236 Belcher Street, Kentville. The meetings will be held in Room 2101. After signing in at the Security Desk at the Main Door, proceed upstairs by stairs (the room is on the right), or take the elevator.

Regular Monthly Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. The Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. There will usually be a short Business Meeting in addition to the main Program event. After the meeting, the "Tea Ladies", as they have become known, provide Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice and Cookies for those present.


Schematics of the present Kingstec Campus building is given below.

Entry is by the new Main Door facing the Parking Lot at the junction of Belcher Street and Mee Road, in Kentville. All visitors have to register with the Commissionaire at the front desk. On occasions, Valley Gardeners will meet in the Horticulture Greenhouse areas which are accessed either by elevator (one level down) or stairway immediately beyond the front desk on the left. On rare, special occasions, Valley Gardeners may meet in the Cafeteria. The simplest way to get to the Cafeteria is to follow the main corridor beyond the Front Desk to where it joins, by T-junction, with the main corridor from the older part of the building. Turn left, and immediately past the first corridor on the right take the elevator one floor up. The Cafeteria is immediately opposite the elevator door.


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