Our Recent Past

'Our Recent Past' aims to showcase events connected with the Valley Gardeners Club. There are a number of these. They include the District and Annual Meetings, the Annual Plant Sale and the Flower and Vegetable Show. There is the Garden Club Bus Tour, the Members' Garden Tour, the Annual Corn Boil (with much more than just corn on the menu), and other social events which have become traditions over the years.

Gerry Schofield Memorial Scholarship

The Gerry Schofield Memorial Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and industry interest to students attending the Kingstec Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College and studying horticulture. The awards will be presented following the Student Presentations at the April 7th meeting of the Club. The winners will be presented by Faculty Members Tim Amos and his team.


Would you like to contribute? We are looking for pictures, comments, short articles -- where you have been - what you have seen - what you would like to share. The only requirement is that they should be relevant to the interests of gardeners.

Think about submitting pictures which you have taken, whether these be digital images, transparencies (film slides or negatives) or prints (photographs). These should be numbered and suggested captions should be included. Digital Images should be high resolution JPEGS. Prints should be on glossy paper and 4 * 6 inches minimum in size. The originals will be returned.

Send a short article. Manuscripts should be supplied, ideally, as a Text File from any popular PC-based word-processor, or in writiing.