Gardening Help Line

Valley Gardeners has a list of Club Members who are willing to share their gardening knowledge. If you have a gardening question or problem, one of our members may be able to help. Questions should be submitted via the VGC E-mail site with ATTN: (name of person to whom the question is addressed) in the Subject Matter line. Questions will be directed to the Club Member by the Webmaster, or, should that person be unavailable, another member with expertise.

Fred Chipman   Vegetables, Seeds  

Nancy Chipman   Perennials  
Ericka Crowell   Water Gardens  
Jana Fejtek   Gardening Basics  
Alice Goodwin   Dried and Preserved Flowers  
Stephen Ilsley   Greenhouse, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, Pineapples and Trees  
Allison Magee   Heritage Roses  
Shirley Marston   Perennials and Landscaping  
Rosaleen McDonald   Perennials, Alpines and Rock Gardens  
Ann Painter   Vegetables and African Violets  
Elmer Uzans   Wild Flowers, Photography  
Barry Yoell   Clematis, Leeks and Eggplant  
Elizabeth Yoell   Shrubs