April 8: Library Interior Plantscape & DIY Home Hydroponics

Emily Wilson – Library Interior Plantscape Project
Elisha Sidlar- DIY Home Hydroponic System
NSCC Horticulture & Landscape Technology

Each year the VGC provides bursaries to two students in the Horticulture program at NSCC Kingstec. The recipients present their research to the club. This month, Emily Wilson, who is currently completing a Library Interior Plantscape Project, will show us her designs, new plant specimen suggestions,  propagation techniques of the existing plants and so much more! Also Elisha Sidlar-Munroe will tell us about designing and building her own DIY Home Hydroponic System to grow vegetable and flowers  year round in her  home. Her design is just what ever home needs – small scale and easy to use. Everyone is welcome to attend to hear about their work.

April 8th, 2019 7:30 pm
NSCC Kingstec, Belcher Street 
Rooms 2101 & 2102